The Best Restaurant on Earth

So it seems fitting that my first blog post would be dedicated to the man the myth the legend that is Ed Vasaio. I have been coming to Mamma Zu since 2001 when I first came to Richmond for the GWAR-B-Q back when they hosted it at the Slave Pit at 2010 Chamberlayne. I came with Mike Derks, Brad Roberts, and Dave Brockie and that night Ed stepped forward and paid for our meal. This was a harbinger of things to come as even tonight Ed comped my meal.

One of the most remarkable gestures I have ever witnessed was in the days leading up to Dave’s funeral Ed agreed to close the entire restaurant to the public and offered it up to 60 of Brockie’s nearest and dearest. He told his staff they would have to volunteer as this was going to be a pro-bono event. The staff stepped up to the plate but still it was completely remarkable that 60 people basically got an all you can drink and all you can eat buffet of the best food on earth. 

This is 🦀 Norfolk definitely the best appetizer you will ever eat

Back in 2008 when I was working for 1st Source Servall they lost their minds when I was on vacation because hurricane Ike was going to smash Houston. So they asked me to convert all the data off my dad’s old AS/400 in advance of the storm even though I had asked for time off back in February. As a thank you to me I was told I could ring in one dinner of any cost so I rounded up my boys in GWAR and came to Mamma Zu. As we were nearing the end of the meal Brockie leans back and belts out one of my all time favorite lines “This food is so good it is a shame we have to turn it into a turd”. Fast forward to 2017 I was sitting in Pacific Harbor talking to a 70 year old kiwi and telling him about the mud 🦀 I had gotten in town. Upon seeing the photo of the crab he says “That is going to make one fine turd!” it was as if my dear friend the Lord of Chaos was reaching down to tell me that he was doing just fine in Asgaard.

Brockie was right this NY Strip was too good and it is definitely a shame that I will have to apply the human condition to it (turning something good into a deuce).

If you are ever in Richmond, Virginia do yourself a favor and go visit Ed’s restaurant he is a remarkably awesome dude with remarkable food. I am blessed to call him friend.

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